Thursday, 11 June 2009

Foxes! – Who Killed Rob?

From Brighton via Oxford, Foxes! serve up another lovely single. Who Killed Rob? is shuffly twee pop, with alternating male and female vocals and odd lyrics. It clap claps along until the middle hum, where it all appears to switch off, before Kayla’s heaven bound intonements, as splashes of keys murmur in the background and there’s a gently fuzzy finish. Sometimes its nice to have a tune that just makes your background so much nicer, rather than imposes itself on you and Who Killed Rob? does just that. Bunnyrabbits (Chip and Dale) is a sweet female sung tale of youthful days, with a tune that jigs back and forth, mainly sounding like a Casio on demo. Mainly due to the vocal performance the twee minimalism works well. Finally, Albania swells and the lyrics make nonsense, before it then kicks into a languid indie popper, a sweet little thing with plenty of charm.

Who Killed Rob? is out now on Cat Cutter Records
Foxes! myspace is here

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