Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cause Co-Motion! – Because Because Because EP

The new 12” EP from Cause Co-Motion! kicks off with And You Wonder, which is a rickety little thing, like the Pooh Sticks with Duglas from BMX Bandits on vocals. Is What You Say What You Mean? is indie rockabilly, rolling weedy military drums and a spindly guitar line in drainpipe jeans. It’s Time! reminds me of the cute ramshackle mess of early Soup Dragons, while I love the way the guitar on the title track chk chks along, while the singer goes for a croon that misses by a mile, but somehow it comes off as something else entirely. Leave It All sounds like the shambling sound of the mid eighties, a perfect copy in fact. You Lose is a bit more murky and downbeat, it’s almost a neat little instrumental, with what vocals there are sounding just like a gentle feedback overlay.

Because Because Because EP is out now on Slumberland Records
Cause Co-Motion! myspace is here

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