Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A Camp – Love Has Left The Room

The second single from A Camp’s second album is Love Has Left The Room, which reminds me of the Byrds’ Goin’ Back at points, but is also much more glamourous and dramatic, Nina singing, nay crooning beautifully. They’ve really gone for it on these songs, as exemplified on Us And Them, another amazingly beautiful song. These songs should be on a film, except no-one has filmed anything worthy of them yet, everything else seems drab in comparison. Us And Them has slowed things down to an effortless sashay, before we get Boys Keep Swinging, which is a fairly faithful rendition of the Bowie song, albeit with the female vocals. It still works though and sounds pretty great.

Love Has Left The Room is out now on Reveal Records
A Camp myspace is here

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