Friday, 19 June 2009

The Crack Babies – Smoking At Gas Stations

Smoking At Gas Stations is a reissue of an old Lostmusic Recordings release. Shine is scuzzy Jesus And Mary Chain without the style or panache, the vocals recorded in a muffled echo chamber. All style, no content. America takes the lead track and turns it into a deathly dirge, which is hardly covered up by the squall of feedback. It so desperately wants to be the early Mary Chain, but doesn’t have a clue. Honey Believer is slightly better, but frail and spindly like their legs in their drainpipe jeans. Pretty drops the feedback and reveals very little left. The rest of the EP brings it the noise back, but isn’t very exciting.

Smoking At Gas Stations is out now on Odd Box Records

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