Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Funeral Suits – Eye Spy EP

The second EP from The Funeral Suits begins with Start Of The End, which starts all subdued, edging its way in before exploding into a maelstrom of crazed vocals and a storm of instruments. The drums lead a way through the electrical storm and what’s left is something akin to a melodic thrash. Helsinki is much more formulaic, hurtling skinny guitars and yelping vocals. Like the Wombats and their ilk, its good, but been done before. Dani Is Karl rumbles away like a good ‘un and is a mysteriously spooked piece of dark rock. Acidhappy takes a better turn, going all backwoods on us, being a lovely folk thing with a fuzzy background noise. If you love any of the new breed of ‘back to the earth’ bands, you’ll love this track.

Eye Spy EP is self released and out now.
The Funeral Suits myspace is here

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