Friday, 12 June 2009

Tiny Maters Of Today – Skeletons

The early teenagers and siblings from Brooklyn are back with their second album and things don’t look good. Drop The Bomb! is a jarring instrumental, where guitars, keyboards and sound effects all battle for space, jabbing in when they can. Skeletons sounds like an old Bis song being played by Liam Lynch, while Pop Chart is built on a cool chunky rhythm and sounds like a particularly disjointed B52s. It becomes apparent now that they don’t really do lyrics, just random noises over the beats. Real Good is distinctly lo fi, a bit like Helen Love’s twee Ramones tribute. Big Stick is a robotic grooving mess, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. These are some young kids who think they’re Sonic Youth, but basically have few ideas and ending up making an incoherent mess that’s thoroughly tedious.

Skeletons is released by Mute on 15th June
Tiny Maters Of Today myspace is here

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