Monday, 8 June 2009

The Relationships – Space

The very English sound of the Relationships heralds their return and they are back with their third album. Many of these songs have been kicking around in their live set for some time now, so will be familiar with many. Soft Rock Canyon is a fine example of the gentle pastoral feel of their songs, Richard’s voice caressing the melodies and singing about everyday things. The guitar wends its way beautifully and the drums splash in where needed, it’s sublimely gorgeous. Clockwork Toy is a slightly psychedelic remnant of the sixties, while Her Constituency wobbles delightfully, almost unsure of itself, despite its sumptuous melody and threatening to rock out in the middle. Time In The World makes me think of the Byrds and their shimmering tunes, laid back yet beautiful. There’s a delightful warble to Richard’s voice on Victorian Séance and a spooky, stalking tune, while Living In A House With Brian Jones is possibly my favourite, and it stood out ever since the first time I heard it live. It is perhaps the quintessential Relationships song, being sublime indie pop, delicious guitars, oh so English lyrics and a walk in the country voice. Having said that The Eternal Colonel is pushing it close, a six minutes epic of hazy Eight Miles High guitars and psychedelic wonders, wending its way towards a close at its own pace. Another album, another success.

Space is released on Big Red Sky Records on June 18th
The Relationships myspace is here

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