Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Heritage Centre – I Will Protect You

Following on from a single and their debut EP, Dublin’s Heritage Centre are back with a new single. I Will Protect You is a delight to me, as it reminds me of The Smoking Popes, a much ignored American band, who traded on a beefed up Morrissey vocalist and some restrained and cultured power pop tunes. I Will Protect You has the wonderful grace to ape this, but also to be its own wonderful thing. Whatever is another thing in the same vein, this one more airy and joyously surfing the tune home, like Weezer in their heyday. Additional track You Are Something is more delicate, probably the one that could be a hit for them. It combines the above influences with a bouncy feel and an edge for the commercial.

I Will Protect You is self released and out now. Pop by Heritage Centre's myspace to get it.

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